Maeglin Studios was started in 2012 by Whittaker Ingbretson after leaving Systems Plus Computers, where he had been working on and off as a PC technician for the previous eight years. Whittaker has been studying film editing and cinematography independently for several years and has produced several commercial and entertainment pieces.

Before the creation of Maeglin Studios Whittaker had been creating products under the name "Now Shooting" and will continue to do so but the brand "Now Shooting" will now be restricted to private projects and competition.

The driving philosophy behind Maeglin Studios and Now Shooting is: "If it's what you love to do, You have no business doing anything else." And secondly, "If it's worth doing, you don't have any excuse to not do the absolute best you can." Life Is an education and we embrace the fact that we are students of our craft!

In addition to all the normal forms of US currency and PayPal, Bitcoin is welcome!

Contact Us:

You can contact Whittaker by Email at info@maeglinstudios.com or by regular mail at:

Whittaker Ingbretson

35 South Court Street

Woodsville, NH 03785

Phone: (603) 892-3615